Cats with curly coat were generally called rex cats.To this group belongs Devon,Cornish,German and Selkirk rex.

Devon rex is a breed originated in 60.years in England.

A woman called Beryl Cox from Buckfastleigh in Devon,South England found among local cats one smoke kitten with wawy coat.She bred this curly coated kitten,named Kirlee to some Cornish rex females ,but the offspring had stright hair.

(foto - Kirlee)
(source: The Complete Cat Encyclopedia, Pond(ed), Ashford & Pond, Ann Gibney - private collection)
It shows,that the Devon rex gene is a different mutation and the breeds have been developed as a distinct types.

The doughter from first mating,Golden Rain (she has a stright coat) was carrying both rex genes (gene 1 for CRX and gene 2 for DRX).From mating Kirlee with golden Rain rised first three generations of Devon rex.

The Devon was soon,in year 1967,recognised in Britain,by GCCF (Governing Council Cat Federation).

Breed standard 

The Devon is small to middle size cat of oriental look.It has long legs and slender long body.

The head is short,wedge-shaped with curwing forehead,fully cheeks and a well-defined stop to the nose.

The whisker pads are prominent.Whiskers are coarse and brittle.

Ears are large and wery wide at the base,tapering to rounded tips.

The eyes are big,oval,the color depends on the color of the coat .

The tail is long,slender,it tapers to the tip.

Devon has slender,but hard and muscular body.The chest is broad.Combined with its slender legs,this can give an appearence of bow-leggedness,but the legs do not really curve.

Hindlegs are a bit longer than forelegs.

The coat is very short,soft and rippled or swirling.

All kinds of colors and patterns are allowed,including pointed patterns called si-rex.

Autor: Anita White


The first extra of this breed is surely its appearence.Devon rex looks like an alien.With its huge ears and big,still surprised looking eyes is this cat really unusual.

Strange look of Devon rex serves like an example for many world-wide known movie characters like for instance E.T.alien,Yoda from Star wars,the goblins from Harry Potter movies or little Gremmlins.






Dobby (Harry Potter)

Another peculiarity of Devon rexes is the curly,plush like, non-shading coat.That is grand advantage for allergic people.Most of them could comfortably live with Devon rex cat.But Devon is not non-allergic,this can never be guaranteed,that is why tests are necessary in this case.

(wawy devon rex coat)

The body temperature is by these cats a bit higher as usual.It is a way Devon compensates the absent thermo-regulation,secured normally by thick fur.The thin,curly coat offers nearly no protection,Devons are sensitive against cold,draught and temperature changes.

Surprising is how much is this tiny cat able to eat .But if it does not inclinates to fatness (and I have never seen a fat Devon),you should let it be.Because of higher body temperature uses devon more energy that most other cats.

(allways hungry)


Devon rex has except its extraordinary look an unusual,interesting character as well.

Maybe just because Devons are fully dependent on humans-they were not able to surwive outside in free nature-there are only extreme sociable and friendly individuals among this breed.

Devon is something between cat,dog and child,it accompanies you everywhere.Devons are strongly tight to its pupil.This breeds favourite place is between you and your book,or newspaper,or keyboard.It does not matter what are you doing,this cat is allways by your site.If you are sleeping,the cat sleeps too,if you are reading a book your Devon lies stright through it,if you are tiding up,it controls everything youn did.

As only cat breed wawes Devon rex even with its tail when it is lucky-just like the dog did.

These cats love the body contact over all,they are real heat-seeker.They sit with pleasure on your shoulder,or on your lap.If you have several Devon rex cats they are sleeping usually all on one heap,one across the another.

("like dog and cat" a bit different wiew)

Devon is an active,playfull,curious,sensitive and talkative (but not too much) cat.It needs however plenty of time its human friend should give it and sensible,soft access,otherwise is it easy scared.


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