Our retired cats, no more active in breeding, but still fix part of our cattery.


India came to us already as adult cat at the age of 3.5 years. We kept her nick name Pepka from her previous home. Our Pepina is very tiny and tender girl with typical charming pixie look, so desired by devon rex. She has huge green eyes and large ears. If she is not amused Indy can perfectly demostrate the devilish look of devon rex.
But if she wants to flatter, she looks at once like an innocent and irresistible kittie. Her devonish look is her main advantage and for me India respresents almost ideal devon rex cat. Indy is modest, calm girl and very good and devoted mother. She gave us five wonderful litters between years 2007 and 2012. Together with her we raised in our home 10 of her kitties. Two of Indias daughters carrying her bloodlines are passing her valuable genetic potential over in further breeding.
Rakija Rexclusive and Aurora Rexclusive assumed the mission and these two girls are representing our breeding in Germany and Ireland.
Even though Indy is enjoying her well-earned retirement and she is already a lady in the prime of her life, she still stays little kittie for us. It´s because of her pixie look and her cute appearence. Indy is my everlasting babie sleeping each night under my arm.


India De Zoe Rex * ES


* 12.04.2003
DRX n 23
black mackerel tabby (CPC)
Blood group: A

Tiger Face de la Valdange*ES   &   D´Patata de Zoe Rex*ES


Our Amazon girl Zoi came to us as almost one year old youngster. Zoi decided from the first second, that she will rule the house and she showed her dominance. To avoid the elimination of our old cat crew, Zoi settled down as only pet at the next of kin. She was our very first "extern" cat, happy in her own kingdom and visiting our place just for short periods, for dates. Thank Zoi and together with her, we raised 13 of her babies within 5 years of her breeding onset. Zoi gave us five wonderful litters during this time. After hard beginning, Zoi and Blumi found each other as an ideal pair and in three common litters they produced realy exceptional offspring we take pride in!
A female out of this mating, Columbia Rexclusive, gained in 2013 at the age of less than 10 months title Triple Grand Champion and II. Best devon rex of the year in TICA ! Columbia lives in small breeding in Ireland.
Zoi´s first-born son, Sushi Rexclusive, has also merit in broadening of her genetics. Sushi widened as breeding stud the population of devon rex in Finland in the year 2010. Sushi is Champion FIFe and he is going on with his show career as happy neuter now. Zoi said good bye to the breeding and stays sofa queen in her family. She still is and allways will be our warrior princess, we see her daily and we thank her for most beautiful kitties born in our small cattery.

Jessie Scarface *CZ

alias "ZOJA"

* 11.05.2007
black (CPC)
Blood group: A

IC Iraq Scarface*CZ   &   CH Havanna de Zoe Rex*ES

Deli is our blue diamond. Immense rarity and invaluable treasure in one. Delisa, aka Ginza Onyu´s Matilda comes from breeding we admired and adored since beginnig until the end. Her breeder and my friend helped me so much to find my own way in breeder world. The greatest honour she payed us was to entrust us with Deli. Feline miracle, with the ears of butterfly and eyes like two magic water wells. It soulds like a confession of love...and it realy is one. Deli is true jewel, unique in type and in her very rare and seldom colour is she fulfilment of all my dreams.
Deli is very modest cat, quiet and calm, happy in any company.She gets on very well with all our cats, she adores kitties and loves our dogs too. Only the human race makes her suspicious and she keeps her distance. She follows her people most likely from afar.
Our Ginzarex beauty let us wait for her offspring long 5 years until she was ready. All her kitties took after her, so unique and rare like true diamonds. Deli gave birth to three litters and hereof she brought up three precious kittens. And ...like in a fairy tale, the third and last one descendant of her undertakes the throne, crown and the kingdom after his parents and will try his utmost in widening this special genetic potential in our breeding :)
As all the good things are three, we hope that one time it will be the granddaughter of Deli, and daughter of her son Elvis, who takes over the relay and enrich our breeding in the future.


Ginza-Onyu´s Matilda*DE



DRX a 21 32
blue tabby mink
blood group: B


Kallaya von Amor*DE & Ginza-Onyu´s Dakota*DE




Yoko...or how it all began. Yokina is the very first devon rex I have seen live, and also the very first cat I could call mine in my life.
Greenhorns with no experiences in keeping a cat and right as the first one comes a cat of such an exotic breed, tortoishell (experts know very well, that this colour variation is allied with very specific pig-headed character called also tortitude) and stright away a breeding cat as well. Who thinks now it had to end in calamity , that is not far away from the truth. Joko is absolutely not an easy character and the life together with her was, especially at the beginning, not simple at all. It has been huge challenge for all of us.
We managed to tame our wildcat at least...or maybe she tamed us. Yoko gave us schooling in feline behaviour and education, and she entirely changed our lifestyle. She is our guard cat, she is more a watchdog as a cat...she guards, supervises, growls, reports and  trains. She watches over the rest of family and make them abide the house rules. Simply alfa, little leader.
Yoki has had huge problems with maternity in her young age. After primary problems and failures, it seemed it was not meant for her to be mother. And then she broke the curse and gave us large litters full of healthy kitties year by year. To every litter is linked an unique story...if it was unforgettable litter of 8 kitties, her first or last magical singletons, or the last, unexpected litter, she delivered already in pensionable age...together as much as 19 kittens in the space of 7 years in breeding.
Her life task after being neutered became to take care of her big foster baby - of me. And so she keeps cleaning my face, watching me sleep, taking care of me and bringing me up to a better human day by day...


Joko Devon Ostoja * PL


* 6.1.2006
DRX fs
black tortoishell smoke
Blood group: B


IC Blitzkreig Sir Lancelot *UK  &   Atena Agu-Arti *PL








Shaman was the very first Rexclusive breeding stud and we waited very long time for him to come! At last he arrived, at the age of 8 months. But even if he was almost mature, we became crazy about little kittie with long legs and big ears from Ukraine. Our Shami was and is wonderful creature from inside and out.
The greatest ears I have ever seen on devon, and the most loving, friendly and kind animal in the world. Shaman helped us to welcome and comfort every newcomer. He raised and socialized all our kitties with immense engagement and loved his red doubles over all!
He was always happy, purring all the time and was loving to everyone. We never ever noticed even the slightest sign of aggression in this exceptional cat, not even against vets, other studs, or any other animal or human beings. He was just pure love. Unfortunately, Shami was fighting several serious health problems since the beginning. We raised no offspring after him. Shaman remains exceptional and forever the only one.
We are grateful for every single day spent with Shaman, despite all sorrows and troubles, we went through with him. It´s amazing and wonderful that we could share our life with this marvellous boy! Shaman taught us so much, he showed us clearly what is important in breeding.
We always got from him more than we could ever give back.
Shaman will remain the face of our breeding! We will never forget....


Shaman Antariys *UA


* 06.03.2007 / † 29.08.2012
DRX d 03 32
red mink bicolor
Blood group: B


IC Malsan Emir*LV   &   Bwell Sierra*US

Our Shaman is the lineal descendant of the first devon rex cat - Kirlee 15th generation (proven through www.pawpeds.com).



Henrietta vom Zaubermeer * DE




*26.09.2010 / † 08.09.2015
DRX ns 03
black smoke bicolor
Blood group: A

CH. NL* Brown Clossy Fur´s Aaron & IC Esmeralda vom Zaubermeer *DE


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