Rexclusive devon rex has any kitties and no plans for the future. Last kitten born in our breeding is Rolling Stone Rexclusive.
He stayed with us for ever.

FIP... It took me long time to find the right words.....to fight back the pain. It is not easy to write how and why we lost our Mashka.
Mášenka, our Pretty Puzzle, is no more. It came like a bolt from the blue.

Last week on saturday it was just fun. The lot of us laughing. I pushed aside our little kitties (that means Mashka & Stanley) while cooking, because they were all over the kitchen table - which should be forbidden for cats. Mashka, as ever, the first one everywhere, the one screaming the loudest, running the fastest, eating the most. The one meowing at once in respond if we call her name. Everything has been just right, as ever.... On sunday morning we left home and when we came back that afternoon, it was not our kitty any more. She was just lying around, not moving.....that night we rushed to hospital. It was clear this is not simple cold or other illness. Infusions, taking samples, tests.....it has been very bad already. Monday at noon my princess crossed the rainbow bridge. FIP. Every breeder knows. It´s a bogey of al breeders and cat lovers. Incurable plague that comes unforseeable and destroys......it brings death. Mášenka had no signs of it, we got no warning. I was not aware of the fact it can come so sudden. Like a calamity, like hurricane. It came and took the most precious one away......in just one day we lost everything. Only emptiness is left. Acute hepatic failure. Ataxia. Syncope. Coma. Death. This is what our beautiful girlie went through in her last hours. I do not get it, I do not understand.
Why this, and why she?
At home our Stanley is running around, he, who was not supposed to outlive first weeks and months. My shadow, my Pepina, years already fighting the tumors and other troubles....Tom, with his psychical problems and complicated character.... Why Mashka? 100% positive, all the time well disposed....so happy.
After the journey home she has not seen the carrier any more. Thanks Stanley we enjoy sleep mode at home. No stress. And it was Mashka who brought our cat colony together. She was the finishing touch on a masterpiece. The icing on the cake. I think of all those people who do not appreciate their pets. All those who do not know what treasure they have at home....A cat can be too reserved, too cuddly, addicted or independent, too active, too lazy, some mind that the cat scratches, or poops or breathes.....Long time ago, I was looking for faults too, I wanted the best....but not now. The death of Nina learned us better, we value what we have. And by the look on our foursome I felt only gratitude and joy. Thankfulness. I fought very hard to get my little rainbow girl and I knew her price from the very first second. For me she was a priceless treasure. The foursome Mášenka, Stan, Tili & Twiggy closed the circle in my eyes. I had everything I ever wanted for a very short time. I lived my dream, wonderful daydream with offspring of our own cats.
Mashka resembled to grandmother Nina the most. Her looks, her white face, and also her positive nature. I see no evil, I hear no evil! You seldom find such happy, satisfied, loving and content animal. Joy of life wandering around on four paws. Mashka lived with heart and hand 24 hours a day and she spread her optimism all around.
Actually, the only one night she did not spent in arms of her beloved human, as she was used to, or curled into a ball with her mummy Baby or brother Stanley, was the last one....when she was dying........everything before was a fairy tale...except the last day. I silly believed we have a lot of time......plenty of it. Years, even decades.....not only absurd 6 months. I wanted to remember every freckle, every spot of colour on you....every single spotted paw and the coloured paw peds......I wanted to see you grow up into a lady honey, I wanted to see you change, mature, grow old....to see you live! Day by day there was a perfect little kitten before my eyes and now there´s nothing left. Memories. Memories of wonderful 6 months, of happy and pretty perfect kittie. The only relief might be, that you lived only through a little pain......on the last day, you did not know what´s happening, you were not there.... Merciful death came very fast. From a daydream stright into a nightmare.

Rexclusive breeding moves herewith into inactive phase. It would be very risky and highly irresponsible towards our cats to make any plans now. Rexclusive cattery is passive since now. Health and happiness of our cats is our prior concern. We keep our website and our news updated, but we will have no kittens more. I hope we can get the corona virus under control and save the other cats at our home. At the close, one beautiful thought from an allied soul:

" Everything very valuable is rare.
That is why breeding devons is so hard....they are from another world. A better one......and that is where they turn back"


Rolling stone Rexclusive!
Stanley. A kittie born with congenital heart defect. Our strong rocker. He is fighting for his life day by day - and he goes like a "rolling stone"! Stan´s failure, modification of Fallot tetralogy, won´t disappear. Our babyboy will not suddenly regain health. But despite it, he breaks all our expectations! After another heart check today /great thanks from us to MVDr. Fico from SIBRA clinic/ we decided to stiffen up. Since now, we won´t count the weeks but months, maybe even years! We hope our Stanley will stay with us for very very long time. This should give hope every one of you, whose furry hearts are fighting for their lifes too...there still is a chance, there is hope.
And even miracles happen sometimes.

Season greetings to all Rexclusive fans and devon rex lovers all over the world. We wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!



November 2016
Until the end of the year our breeding will be two young ladies shorter. Baby finished her breeding career on health grounds and Fany on personal grounds. Our babydoll Blue stays with us for ever as my eternal "Baby". Baby is true friend and perfect mate for all our kitties. Her breeding input was very short, but we experienced and bred the most kitties of all in our history thank her. Baby stays our sunny and crazy girl also without her own babies. Huge thanks once again to her breeder for our precious Blue.

Fairy tale, our fairytale, nursed and raised her own storylike litter. Her mission was fulfilled and her daughter Pretty Puzzle takes over in our breeding. Fany became mum of very beautiful litter and she raised her kitties without any problem. We do believe that will stay the family heirloom and will find the continuation in the next Rexclusive devon rex generation later on.
If it will be so or not, only the future may show us.

Oktober 2016
Light in darkness Rexclusive, our gorgeous boy, had left our breeding - but not his loving home at the end of september already. Elvis was the last descendant from our Deli. Elvis dazzled as a one year old and became daddy of 4 amazing kids. He will now enjoy his warm sofa spot as beloved neuter and family pet. Elvis is son of Deli /CH Ginza Onyu´s Matilda/ and Blumi /IC Blum Szylkretka/ and thanks to him we can keep the rare Ginzarex line alive. Elvisko left the breeding but we kept two of his daughters with us. Obsession /Tili/ and Out of the dark Rexclusive /Twiggy/ are second generation of Rexclusive offspring and the future of our breeding.
Thank you, Lewis, for these amazing girls!!!

In fact, two gorgeous boys left our breeding during oktober! Light in darkness Rexclusive /Elvis/ and Zet Charlie Kajigo /Charlie/. Charlie is dad of 4 special litters born this and the last year. His pedigree will be a fix part of every single one of our future kittens, a part of Rexclusive. Charlie is our big surprise. Underneath his black and white coat is hidden the gene for burmese point, gene for marbeled tabby and also for dilution..... His contribution to our breeding was enormous. In his descendats we discovered colours and patters we´ve never dreamed of. Coincidencially, Charlie is, just like our Nina, the founder of new generation Rexclusive cats and of our own line. His legacy is his own daughter and two granddaughters, who inherited part of his fantastic genetics and looks.
Thank you Charlie for all those dazzling kitties you gave us!

Our offspring, Pied Piper Rexclusive took part on WCF cat show in austrian Stockerau today. It was first show for Piper, and he became very nice judgement, CACP certificate and two cups as Best in Variety and Best in Show Kitten!
We are incredibly happy and very proud of another successfull kitten from our line!

September 2016
Autumn begins and it is time to introduce our newcomers officially. Let me show you our new genetation - 4 kitties born under our prefix and in our cattery this year - these four came to stay with us! Our four-leaf clover we were blessed with is complete now. If nothing unexpected happens, these 4 kitties are the newest and also the last addition to Rexclusive. Sisters Tili & Twiggy are daughters of home bred parents, Elvis and little Nina. Their cousin Masha is daughter of our Fany and also a halfsister of Stanley, with whom she has the same dad, Charlie. And the last one, unplanned but so much loved rocker Rolling Stone Rexclusive. Tili & Twiggy are glued together, and they get along very well with gradparents Deli & Blumi....should that mean blood is thicker than water? Stanley & Masha found each other, like they have always known they are brother and sister. They like each other so much.
This year finishes with many huge news and we represent now the positive ones - our newcomer and future of Rexclusive!

Today is the big day! With mixed feelings we made us on the way to pick up our newest and the last family addition. Marvellous granddaughter of our Nina, and daughter of Fairy tale Rexclusive and Charlie......welcome home, little princess. Pretty Puzzle Rexclusive has new home and also a new name since today - she will be called Masha at home. Attractive colour, very sweet character, this girlie is simply perfect purring miracle. We are very happy with her!

Rolling stone Rexclusive is three months old today. There´s again a big party at home, and even if Stanley does not know yet, he will become the best present ever in a few days.

On the second of september second litter of our magical Imagine Rexclusive was born in Bravefellow cattery. Bravefellow Micke became daddy this time. Inka has a lot of babies in her birth box, 5 multicoloured kitties, one more beautiful than another.
Our congratulation goes again far away, up to distant Finland!

It is time for first vaccination by kitties from our dazzling litter out of Fany and Charlie. The three little pixies are growing so fast, it was a pleasure to see them live again. They mastered the vaccination and chipping with bravery, of course.
Here is our vivid Pin up litter, Pumpkin, Pretty Puzzle and Pied Piper at the age of 9 weeks.

Stanley is two months old! It is a great reason to celebrate! Unfortunately, by Stanley has been diagnosed inherited heart failure and every day with him is a little victory. That is why Stan will not move out from our home. His diagnosis, tetralogy of Fallot is very serious one and he needs daily his medicine. He will stay with us as our talisman, and hopefully, he brings us good luck.

Sushi Rexclusive alias Esko is one of our very first kitties. He makes us happy again and again in all those years. Esko has been a breeding stud in Bravefellow cattery for a while. He delighted us with offspring in rare colours as blue, chocolate and lilac. At that point he gained his Champion title. Our boy is not standing idle even now, years after his retirement. Together with his owner Helena, Esko attends the cat shows and represents this amazing cat breed. Sushi Rexclusive succesfully finished his Grand International Premior title already and he is on the way to become Supreme Premior. On the Devon rex Special cat show in Helsinki on 23.7.2016 Esko became a show star. He gained the first certificate for supreme premiorship, and he also won the Best in Variety award and on the top of it - Best in Show in his category unamiously! We cannot put in words how it feels like, we are so fond of our little boy!

Huge congratulations from Slovakia to Finnland my dear Pia, Helena and Eko!

Many great things happened on one day :) Our girls Tili and Twiggy are getting accustomed already. Today their third sister, Obi, came to visit. The three siblings enjoyed short meeting and Obi went further to meet her new family, uncle Nody and many new friends.
Obi should become big sister of our little Stanley. So Stan, too, absolved the first visit of his future mummy today. And the human mum came to visit our girls Tili & Twiggy. Of course they recognized her at once and were very happy about it.

Since today two daughters from Elvis /Light in darkness Rexclusive/ and little Nina /Now or never Rexclusive/ are home. Tili & Twiggy /Obsession & Out of the dark Rexclusive/ are second generation from our breeding and new milestone we achieved within our small cattery. Our new girls are the result of breeding co-operation with co-breeder. They are granddaughters of animals which lived and still live with us. Grandparents of them are our Blumi, Deli, our precious Nina and guestboy Charlie. Both girls Tili & Twiggy came home to create foundation of Rexclusive dynasty.
They come to be our new beginning and I think we could be fond of them by right.
Welcome home, new generation!

Rolling stone, Stanley, our only child. The only one kittie we brought up at our home this year and literally "the light of my eyes" celebrates one month today. Stanley is a perfect kittie and he gives us joy and happiness in large amounts.
Today we celebrate his first month B-day!

The time will not stop, it passes so quickly. Today is the day of first leave in the family of our Ou litter. Presley, the copy of his granddad, our One and only Rexclusive moved in his new home today.
We wish our only boy the best luck and many happy years with his new family :)

Great times when the two rocker grew together up as inseparable duo are definitely gone by now.

Rocky, my favourite and great love of mine, gave up today. After many problems, after strong reccuring colic, flat chest syndrome, after such a brave fight he gave up finally. foto The life is sometimes too cruel, sometimes it is just too much. Rock it nestled down for eternal sleep at the age of only three weeks. He will stay the one for us forever.....fatal....and unforgetable.

Today, our velvet black beauty Revolution left us. Lucy will look upon her brothers from the sky.
Sleep tight my beloved little Lucy.

Tonight the last planned litter for 2016 came to the world...and at the same time the first one this year, born at home by us. Baby and Charlie became parents of three stunning kitties, completely different as their last years twins Alice & Maya. Rocker´s arrived. Our Rock´n´Roll litter is made of trio Revolution, Rock it and Rolling stone. The only girl appeared in black suit, and the boys are marble tattooed, Rocky in black and Stone in softer, blue version.

Our wild things out of little Nina and Elvis (Ou litter) have had they nineth-week birthday. Today is a day of first vaccination for all of them. At home, they enjoy hide-and-seek and hunting games in the whole apartment.
They are little big cats already, no clumsy kitties any more.

The pied kitties from Fany and Charlie celebrate 4 weeks on the world already! Pied Piper, Pumpkin and Pretty Puzzle are like multicoloured flowers. That much colour together is not common in our family :) We like our fancy "Pin-up" litter all the more!


Today is a very sad day. We wanted to pick up one babie from Fany´s litter, just like we did it by Ninka. A little girl who would spend her life with us. Beautiful Spotty, love at the very first time should be the one. Dreamgirl in snow-white coat covered with black spots with single one red spot on her butt - exclusive, charming calico girlie named Poison Rexclusive. She should have rised as our new sun. Softspot slept today among her siblings...without breathing, without heartbeat.... she left us so quietly and still.
My little one left us for ever after only two short days.Spotty plays right now with granny Ninka somewhere over the rainbow, in much better world, reserved only for the best of us.....


Pin-up litter, the second P litter born in our small breeding and like the name says a showpiece, as we expected according to bright colours of both parents, was born today. And our expectations has been beaten! Four amazing little dalmatians, all of them white with colour patches.....we proudly present first photos!

Our foursame Ou litter celebrates exact one month on this world tomorrow. The time flies again, and whole Rexclusive family (mum, dad and kids all born in our breeding) live together happily ever after, a story like from a fairy tale...


First this year´s kitties are here. Ou, or maybe better Oops litter? We named the babies for the second time with O-names according to alphabetical order. Second generation of Rexclusive cats was born. For the first time both parents came from our own breeding. And for the first time we decided to keep at home one of our kitties. Today, the breaking litter was born! So many special terms to describe four truly extraordinary kitties!
Let me introduce through and through Rexclusive family, happy parents and their four babies :)

When children do have children....not everything in life is possible to plan or to control....Sometimes, the life, or our furry darlings, simply do what they want to do.....
So it happens that we expect for the first time in our breeding kitties which are, so to say, unexpected....
Elvis & little Nina will become parents in teenage age. We did intend to make this mating but much later, on other terms. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to see the precious little ones and expect the birth with excitement. Light in darkness Rexclusive & Now or never Rexclusive will become parents soon.

Soci, officially Indian Summer Rexclusive, should have been another lovely addition to extended Rexclusive´s breeding programm. Unfortunately, the fate decided against our plan and Soci has been for health reasons neutered today, Our tortoishell diva Soci represents my ideal devon rex in type, almost alike her mummy Ninka. Soci is simply too fantastic to be real to me.... Some dreams are meant to be just dreams. We are despite all our lost hopes very proud of having this fine girl as a part of our breeding. Soci is recovering well after the surgery and she will enjoy the happy life of neuter from now on.
Tuxedo gentleman Zet Charlie Kajigo spends his holidays among lovely Rexclusive cat ladies. If his dating has been successful we may look forward to spring kittie explosion, maybe even may-kitties :)
And to set this right....who would resist his charm?

Esko (Sushi Rexclusive) goes on with his show carreer and he added another CAGPIB to his title collection. He is again one step closer to second highest award you can achieve in cat-show world. We are very fond of our handsome blue eyed darling.

Graffiti, amazing girl with make up from Yoko & Domino Rexclusive, our very first calico kitty, came back to us after two and a half year. The reason were misunderstandings in her previous family. Graffiti did found her new forever home in jet-speed and stays nearby as a part of our big animal family. Welcome home Graffiti :)

There has been a cat show over the weekend in distant finnish city Lahti. And one Slovakian boy took part on this show too...our darling Esko (Sushi Rexclusive). Esko is a Champion and International Premior already and he gained another two CAGPIB awards needed on his way to become a Grand International Premior. Esko has even been nominated for BIS on saturday, as well as another lovely boy with slovakian roots...Ilan Bravefellow, son of our Inka (Imagine Rexclusive) from her first litter.
Great thanks to Bravefellow cattery for this wonderful news!

Interchampion Joko Devon Ostoja, our very first devon rex cat celebrates her first decade today :) Some years elder senior India will have to let her into the VIP club. We wish Yoki at least one more decade with us and we drink a toast on her today!

We are parting with year 2015 and wish all devon rex lovers and fans only the best for 2016....many happy moments, luck and fun with the curly cats! Last year brought the first babies of our swedish princess Baby as well as trio of dream kitties in very much desired diluted colours.
Last year brought also last babies of three of our queens. Kofola, last one and Valentine gift from Yoko, Elvisko, the last and only child from Deli. Both our girls enjoy their retirement at home on the couch with us. Last kitties of our Ninka happened to be her this years twins little Ninka & Nody......we did not see the disaster coming....we did not know that this year will cruely take our beloved Nina, our sunshine, love and hope, away from us. In eight year of breeding we named our kitties with names beginning in every letter of alphabet,from A until Z, or in our case from O to N. We closed herewith one circle and one period goes to the end. We care with love for our seniors who have helped to establish our breeding and we believe that our angels, Shaman and Ninočka will watch and protect our offspring from above.
The new year will bring huge news in Rexclusive, that much is sure.... we will see if it will be a new beginning or the end of one era.....

Little extract of Rexclusive descendants in greetings we´ve got this year for Christmas. Merry Christmas everybody and happy New Year!

Nodko moved out one month ago, ready for second try, to his new home and now he is sending such nice greetings....The second attempt has been the right one and Nody has the perfect home for ever now :)

The International cat show in Viničné started this year without us, but not without the presence of Rexclusive cats :) PLATINIUM Garfield,our breeding stud and little Ninka, Now or never Rexclusive took part on the show yesterday with their new families. Both of them finished the challenging day with success. Garfield is since yesterday new Champion in Rexclusive .....and little Nina was nominated for BIS, exactly like her lovely mommy on her first show. Little Nina did not repeat the great acchievement of her mum and did not won BIS, but her show career is only beginning now.
We are very fond of both our curly showstars, huge congratulations on new owners!

The fortune is sometimes very unfair ...Nody settled down very well in his new home and he charmed his people completely,....but he could not stay there. Nody had to say good bye and wait for his second chance because of strong allergy of his owner.
Night & Day Rexclusive, our tuxedo darling with great monkey-like character is looking for the right family again.

On last september Sunday the last ones of this year´s kittens left Rexclusive. We sent off little Nina and our Elvis. It was difficult leave-taking for all of us. Last breeze of Nina´s image left our home.....and it was quite hard to accept the leave for Elvis too. He yet spent the first 7 months of his life with us. We are pleased all the more, that we found such special home for these two special kitties, and very devoted and loving human mum.

New family came to pick up our Nody too. Nody didn´t bother about travelling much.
And according to first reports he feels himself at home from the very first moment.

Right now the big day for our two lilac princesses has come...
Alice and Maya set out for long journey in new home with great dislike, and they cried by fair means all the way... Fortunately, the move in new home happens only once in a lifetime. Our girls survived the journey and they are sending many greetings and first photos already. Maya and Alice live since today together in neighbourland Austria.

Ain´t no sunshine when she´s gone......
Our sunshine went down with yesterday´s sunset and did not rise again today. This morning, our Ninočka did not wake up to brighten everything around her just like she does day by day last five years before. Ninka suffered several serious injuries by an accident last week. Despite daily vet care and the best nursing at home her candle burned out long before it should. Ninka fell asleep forever, although we believed she´s getting well again.
No words can explain the heart-break and emptiness we feel.......

There has been a cat show in Stockholm, Sweden, past weekend and today we became wonderful news from Finnland....our beloved big boy Esko finished his IP -International Premior Title, on the show this weekend. Esko is the firstborn son of Zoi and we take pride in his show and breeding success :) Esko lives with his human mum Helena in Finnland and he was part of Bravefellow breeding for a while...
thank you Pia and Helena for such amazing news.

Today we celebrate great news - there were new kitties born in Finnish breeding Bravefellow, first litter of our colorful beauty Inka - Imagine Rexclusive. Proud daddy is Illias av Jamas and their offspring is truly exceptional....5 rainbow-tinted babies, every one completely different than the others. There are 4 boys in black, red, colorpoint, and harlequin and one tortie tabby princess to boot. Congratulations our next of kin on such amazing and diversified first litter!

Alice and Maya are already 6 weeks old and it´s impossible not to boast about their developement. Elvis was a little bit lost without his big sister, so he decided to adopt brand new family with bag and baggage only for himself :)

Crucial, as almost every time, is also the date of birth of second Charlie´s litter. Exactly one month after arrival of M kitties are the twins from Nina here, our N litter. One boy and one girl in black and white complete the tuxedo family..like from an old movie - both parents and kitties only in black & white ...another longtime dream turned into reality....

First month in life of our M kitties, Maya and Alice, is over. Both are simply perfect, two little sweet muffins...these twins are not only beautiful, the girls possess also a good mood recipe, both are constantly happy and satisfied.

Nice and fatal date marks the departure day of Cofi. It´s not surprising at all, already the day of her birth was magical. We and above all, Elvis, will miss Cofi terribly...but her job is to brighten the everyday´s life in her new family and bring joy and happiness to her new home.
Because that´s how it works with KOFOLA...if you love her, there´s nothing more to say......... :)

The very first offspring of Charlie and Baby was born today. Both brand new parents surprised us a great deal. Not only with early date of birth, but also with unexpected and exceptional coloration of kitties.
Mommy Blue nurses devoutly two daughters in rare, lilac colour.

This is how our nursery looked alike one year ago, and then some weeks later...
Kittens H and I

and this is how we relax now, new composition
K and L litter with family

Only one day after the birth of H litter, the multikoloured litter of Nina and Uki was born. So the birthday parties in new homes of our kitties may go on.... Intisko / Inferno Rexclusive/, Inka /Imagine Rexclusive/ and our Soci /Indian Summer Rexclusive/ celebrate today their first Birthday too. We wish every one of them all the best, loads of love and many happy years...

Imagine Rexclusive

Indian Summer Rexclusive

Exactly a year ago our dreamy blue girl Deli delivered with huge complications her first baby.....tiger boy Hardy who later turned out to be tiger, torbie girl Hardy... and later this evening, her brother in tuxedo, black and white Laurel, was born.

Happy Birthday my sweet darlings Laurel & Hardy / Houdini & Hard to get Rexclusive/!

14 weeks are gone since the birth of our Valentine girl Kofola, and in only 4 days the younger Elvis reaches the same age as well. Our two babies grew up into real young panthers and they will soon be ready for the most important part of their lifes.

Potter & Neville, alias Jackpot and Jolly Joker Rexclusive live already 4 months in their new home. The boys settled in perfectly, and because they moved out together everything went more than smoothly. They demonstrate in new family everything young devon is capable of and they also grow into beautiful young devon cats...

Our kitties ride the air, they are not little mice any more, but true mini-cats. This week both of them reach the age of two months and soon it is time for first vaccination. Kofola is amazing black smoke top model already and Elvis is such a funny fellow coloured tone in tone, blue pointed with amazing blue eyes.

Blue, our swedish princess finished the two day-show-marathon. She gained the last needed CAC and satisfied all conditions for Champion title allocation. Amor Regis Lillian Blue is since today a new champion in Rexclusive breeding.


We met many owners of our previous kitties on the International cat show in Bratislava, with special devon rex show on saturday. It was a nice day among many dear friends and with quite wide and multicoloured representation of our devons. From our home it was little Blue who set out into the world of glory. She met her best mate Uki on the show. Uki could say hallo to his adult daughters Ema and Fany, that came from Austria to enter the show.

Our little Baby gained CAC and nomination for BIS. She entered the special rex show as well and she managed the whole show-mess as usually, relaxed and purring all the time.

Uki confirmed for the second time, that the show is not a thing that suits him. He does not like and approve it and he shows his opinion very clearly..... so this was definitely his last public display :)....
Uki gained in spite of his protests very nice judgement and also CAC.

The star of our breeding, Fairy tale Rexclusive, got inspired by her daddy, and followed his example like brave daughter. She showed the judge, that behind the angelic appearence, there is a wild cat hidden, which can scartch, bite and growl. But despite it, she managed to attain some admiring looks and appreciating words.

Ebony on fire Rexclusive, the first born daughter of Uki, saved the reputation of devon rex as friendly and loving companion. Ema was just gorgeous, she showed herself amazingly and watched her human mum all the time, she kept an eye on her every second, determined not to loose her. Emi showed once again, how amazing she is. We are very fond of all our external cats and thank all new owners for this lovely meeting.


The second birthday party is about to begin right now. Light in darkness Rexclusive,our Elvis, is exactly 4 weeks old today and the day belongs to him alone.

Cofi celebrates one month of age today :) She starts her birthday party with stepbrother and stepmom. Once a handful kitten is such a pretty little lady now :)

It would be much too good to have three so amazing Valentinegifts, but it should not be. Today is a black day, devoted to souls of two black brothers, Krimi and Kamko. Our only true Valentine, Kofola, has two guardian angels of her own since today.

Today an only child was born, the very last kittie from Deli. snow-white wonder was named Light in darkness Rexclusive and we believe, that he realy will brighten up our days.

On this special day we have got a special gift from Yoki, and there is no doubt it was made with love. On Valentines day three little Valentines were born - Kamikaze, Krimi und Kofola Rexclusive.

On breakthrough between January and February two youngstars from Rexclusive showed themselfs public. Imagine Rexclusive took part on her second show on saturday, 24.1., still in the kitten class. This time her new family showed her in distant Finnland, in Lathi. Inka became very nice judgement, many compliments and EX 1.
Our little Baby took part on her first show in Slovakia two weeks afterwards, on sunday, 8.2. Baby made her show debut at home, in Sweden, and this was her first show by us. Amor Regis Lillian Blue was just as open, relaxed and lovable as she is at home. Baby achieved EX 1 too, and her first CAC in open class. We took pride of both our sweet teenage girls, they managed the shows without stress and with noblesse.

Our youngest ones...only short time ago they tried to make first steps, of course under the supervision of mummy Nina. Today it is exactly two weeks since their move. And now they run like sixty, together, in their new home :) The time was merciless exactly by the two boys of Nina. Potter and Neville left emptiness in our home.

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