Rexclusive cattery begins New Year saying farewell to the old year. We added personal galleries and pedigrees to pages of our two new breeding queens, Deli and Ninka. We also finally finished galleries of kitties which toddled and ran around the house over the last year, it have been kitties from litters W,X,Y and Z. On this occasion we remind sadly of our two little angels, who left us so early and so unexpected last year. This notice is devoted to quiet memory of Whiskey and Yogi, two precious hearts.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 to all friends and devon rex lovers wishes cattery Rexclusive!
We took part in the cat show in Nitra on saturday 26.11. We introduced on this occasion our newcomer and hopeful, amazing breeding girl in my dream bue colour :) Our beauty came to us from Germany, she has lovely exotic name Ginza Onyu´s Matilda and it is a girl like made for Blumi. Matilda presents for us another fulfilled dream!
Brand new breeding pair of Rexclusive looks like this and succeed on the show! Matilda won on her very first show CAC title and Blumi gained CAGCIB and he even beat his new wife by winning in colour, Blumi won Best in Variety

On saturday participated also our offspring, this year´s kittie of Joko, Yess Rexclusive. Yess and his dad Blum took part in special generation competition. Yess attended the show as a kitten, so he coud not contest for a title,
but he´s got very nice judgement and EX 1. We believe his new family is as proud of him as we are! The last member of our show team was housecat Tom. Tomik did not dissapoint us and won BIS again. He prides himself on his new cockarde now.
All troubles with little Yoki are solved now and Yoki stays with her family. We are looking forward to next year when we will visit her and see how she developed!
Indy´s very last kitties moved also out recently. This special duett, my heart affair, left us for special families. Halfsister Wednesday Rexclusive was waiting impatiently for chatty little Zippy and this is how she greeted him on the first day.

My little princess Zunka is right now charming whole welcoming commando in her new home. That means devon rex Monty /Valmont Rexclusive/, oriental boys Jacob and Uranus von Imporio and housecat Lisa. Zunka masters her moving brilliant and she will soon overpower the whole crew just like by us.
Uno and Telli moved to their new family on sunday 31.10. According to first news it could not be better and it was love on the first sight from both sites. Thanks for caring of them Barbara and David,
we are very happy that Uno and Telli became second chance for the right home!
Uno and Telli, our kitties from December 2009 are back home again and are looking for their forever home!
Uno and Telli are searching their new family together!
Yoko One Rexcusive, small copy of her mum is living in Hungary with couple of basenji dogs, afghan hound and thorny little hedgehog friend.
Yummy and Yakuza, two sisters in tortie and black, are living their cat dream together
with friends Otis and Cosma in the centre of Vienna.
Life like a dream are living too siblings Yuni and Yeti who also stayed together in their new family.

Yuli gained company of a bit another art, her friends are curly selkirk rex boy and girl.

Only one from this litter, who did not left his native heath and will represent us further in the Slovakia is the black devil Yessko.
On saturday left uns the second half from X litter. Zoi´s kitties flied out to the world. Like last swallows left the nest brothers Xanadu and Xtreme, who spended great 6 months by us. Our whole crew will miss these guys.... Both brothers are staying together in their new home in the middle of Germany.
Black beauty Xenia left us as the first one along back. She flew far away over the ocean to the american Connecticut. Her blue eyed brother Xplosive is sending us regards from neighbouring Austria. Both are happy and naturalized in their new homes, because they left us already few months ago.
At friendly cattery Sand Silk in distant Israel is still number of kitties from various litters waiting for their right family. You can admire all of them on website www.isracats.com. In case of serious interesst for such an exclusive friend please contact the breeder via e-mail: isracats@gmail.com
Indy and Blumi´s twins are growing well and they are by now over one month old. It is more than time for new picures. We are happy and satisfied with this duo even if we doubt about wrinkle shar-pei outcross in this particular case :) The skin of both babies is at least two sizes larger as necessary ;)
5.7. delivered Indy snowwhite twins, a boy and a girl. Both kitties inherited their colorpoint coat colour and blue eyes from daddy Blumi. More info and photos are coming soon.
Our thank goes to all of you who supported us and gave us strenght. It is so very sad to say, but our brave Yogi did not won his second battle with death. He has brightened our world with his presence for exactly ten amazing weeks and one day. I think everyone who has seen him will remember him forever. Yogi passed away yesteray evening.
We have got fantastic present from new owner of our Yummy, great video of all our aliencats. We injoy it very much and would like to share it with you.
Thank you Saskja and René!
We attended international cat show in Brno, CZ on saturday. Our youngsters, Henrietta vom Zaubermeer and her future hustband Chilli Sinuhet both did great job. Nina couldn´t gain a title as a kittie, but Chilli woh his first CAC and both participated on selection for Bis nominations. Both our cats withstand the show atmosphere released.
Our eightsome became also new pictures, you can see them on kittie site and also under the litters.
Our iXs kitties received their own site by LITTERS, but we will add some new pictures there also. Xenia, Xtreme, Xplosive and Xanadu are well on and we can almost see them grow.
Our octal from Y litter came to be exactly four weeks old today. All upsilons are healthy and lively, they will soon overcome all barriers and capture our home completely :)
X kitties celebrated 7 weeks of life today and they managed first vaccination already, we filled their gallery with new photos again.
On 23th of march became Joko and Blumi parents of unbelievable eight kitties!!!! This number of kitties is really rare and unusual by devon rex and we are very happy that all eight kitties are already 2 weeks old by now and all are doing well.
Zoi´s babies are already 5 weeks old and we filled up their galleries with new pics again.
X kitties are already three weeks old and we added plenty new pictures on the website.
New owner of Wednesday Rexclusive shared also photos and news with us. Wendy, now called Curly, is growing up into beautiful lady. We were pleasently surprised by the report Curly loves wather and takes part on a bath willingly. But we consider to be fully normal that Curly has chosen for her sister naked Lilli, a female from completely different species :)
We received very nice greeting from Wasabi Rexclusive, little monkey Wasabi is apparently growing so as her curly coat does too. She has l earned to fetch and another circus numbers. On the pics with her beloved mice and in devon relaxation pose.
At the beginning of march gave Zoi birth to 4 kitties :) Delivery passed very smoothly and easily this time and all four minnies are fine. We put new photos and first informations on the kitten page.
We attended International cat show in Bratislava this weekend, on 12. and 13.3. On saturday was cattery Rexclusive represented by three cats - our tomcat Blum, housecat Tom and junior Nina. On sunday participated only the boys Tom and Blum. We are very delighted, our cats made us very happy. On saturday we went home with two winner cups because both Tomi and Nina managed to win Best in Show. Blumi obtained both days CACIB and achieved herewith Interchampion title. We take pride in all our champions and we are very grateful to their breeders for such fantastic animals!
We obtained new photos of our Monte - Valmont Rexclusive - together with his oriental friends. Monty is growing up into very handsome young man, he will soon celebrate his first birthday.
Friendly cattery GARRET,CZ has wonderful young cornish rex lady in calico for sale. Hermínka von Garret is 5 months old now, both her parents are very successfull on shows and she is available as luxurious pet or show/breeding cat. She is fully vaccinated and ready to move in her new home.More informations under www.garret-cats.cz
All our babies carry on with their mischiefs in new homes already. As the first one left us our Wednesday, our beauty has foud new friends beneath Alp mountains and according to first news she´s doing very well. Yesterday put off on a journey home Willy and little Wasabi. Wasabi will be home in austrian Burgenland and traveller Willy is getting used to life in picturesqued Luxemburg.
Last free kittie is still waiting for new family. Wasabi is very talkative girl, she is a fidget and chatting funny lady with sad eyes and great aversion against camera :)
We proudly present offspring of our Esko - Sushi Rexclusive. Esko became father of many lovely babies. Such fantastic kitties were born after him in catteries Bravefellow*FI and Fairy-Story*FI. Esko is now living happy life as beloved neuter and pet in his old family and we are happy that we were able to help and enlarge the gene pool in Finnland with such fabulous results!

Kitties are already 8 weeks old and we put new photos in their galleries. So cute posed Blum, Nina and our little Wendy.
New future breeding cat arrived in our cattery. We brought us as most desired X-mas present our new sunshine from Germany. Little sunshine called familiar Nina is lovely black and white princess. We are confident that she brings more life and color in our breeding just like she already brightened our family. Nina came and charmed our entire crew strightaway!
Our boys put on winter clothes for beginning of New Year. We decided to share some pictures of our gentlemen because we found them great :) We added also many new pictures of Shaman and Blumi into their galleries.

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