Merry Christmas and PF 2014 wishes to you in behalf of whole
Rexclusive family X-mas elf Fairy tale and her helper Graffiti Rexclusive!
Exactly a week ago our former kitty Yess Rexclusive visited an International cat show in Nitra. Yess is approaching the Interpremior title hastily. After success in Nitra there´s only one CAPIB he is missing. And that is has been successfull day is without doubt. Our dear boy managed in one short day to find his beloved better half....it´s even a pretty devon rex lady with a title like him and pretty name. She´s called Arabella Fedra Rex.

Besides dating, Yess acquired also very nice judgement and Nomination for BIS which turned into triumph for Yess. He gained Best in Show with one vote! Yess presented the devon rex breed with grace and we take pride in our sweet boy
as much as his owner does :) Congratulations!
Little monkey Gabka celebrates her 3 weeks today - we document her developement through the photos, and here is even proof of her true origin :))) Gabka is a money, one very extraordinary only child. Our Graffiti is still waiting for the right family she will fit it perfectly.
Fido and Fany will be 12 weeks old on sunday....They ride the air and so they will be ready to leave for new adventures very soon. Such lovely eary monsters grew out of Fidel and Fairy tale. We added new photos of the twins into their gallery too.
25.9. the babies after Joko and our Domino were born. Unfortunately, our beautiful bicolor Go for Toe Rexclusive was stillborn ...so we will raise once again only one kittie.
Graffiti Rexclusive is sweet tortie and white girl, she already opened her eyes and is developing nicely.
The time is running and our twins Fido and Fany are already seven weeks old. Little elfins grew out into small beasts. W proudly present new photos of F litter.
After a month in her new family it was time for Ema´s show debut. She took part on WCF show in Eger. Ema was the youngest kitten participating there. We take pride in her, she did her job realy great! Ebony on fire Rexclusive won the title Best in Show opposite sex on saturday,14.9. and the title Best in Show as well as the Spezial prize of Hungarocats on sunday, 15.9.2013. Big thanks goes to her new owner Andrea, who showed her. It is exceptional moment for us, for the first time it is our home bred offspring who gained BIS. Huge congratulations Ema and Andrea.
On 25.8. Nina became mother of two dreamy kitties. Both bicolour boy and calico girl overhelmed our expectations and we take delight in new Rexclusive generation! Here is first family picture of Fido, Fany and mummy Nina.
Today is a month from a day our single child Ema left us. Ebony on fire Rexclusive said good bye to mummy Joko and went.... following her news and photos we may say, she is growing into pretty young tortie lady.And next weekend is Ema in for her show debut!

As in the fairy tale, after one year, one month and one day after the birth, the gallery of our C litter is completed.
Here they are, our four Mafiosi...


The boss Capone and Corleone created together their own clan.

Cocaine, maybe he should be named Casanova, with his irresistable look.. Keksi lives together with his elder brother Xplosive.

Columbia was not left alone neither, she went to join her half-sister
Aurora and she delighted us with her fantastic show success in her first year! 11.8.

And as every fairy tale and every bedtime story, our dream came to the end as well....our mafia clan enclosed the three exceptional litters after Blum and Zoi (parents of litters X, B and C). Thank you, my precious darlings, for giving us such wonderful offspring!

B kitties also have got their personal gallery at least. They are all meanwhile grown up and reign their own families as beloved pets. www.rexclusive.wz.cz/odchov_b
In fact Bolero does not have the ears like hang-glider, but if he´s not amused, he can put on this face :)

Here are both brothers together - brilliant clones of daddy Blumi - Bolero and Bueno Reclusive.

And at least Blueberry, my soft spot..black Berry and her lovely curly coat :)
We have completely forgotten the time. Time goes by quickly, if you watch tiny, 80 gramm heavy kittie upgrow to pretty young cat. Ema is already 10 weeks old and it is time to add new photos again :)
Just a year ago Eliska, Aurora Rexclusive, was spending her last days at home with us, her mom Indy and daddy Blum. She has grown up into beautiful young lady since that time. She achieved TICAChampion title and in short time, my little darling is expecting her own offspring in her new home /www.irishdevons.com/. On the date of our breaking up we added Aurora´s full baby gallery and here is also one current photo of our beautiful girl. http://www.rexclusive.wz.cz/odchov_a_an.html
On sunday exactly one month ago our Ema was born. Ema is growing from day to day, she has gown into big girl already.
We added new photos into kitten division.
Columbia Rexclusive, young female from our breeding dazzled again on the cat show this weekend. Lubka lives in Ireland (www.irishdevons.com). She finished her TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION title by TICA on sunday in Dundalk. We are very happy about our black beauty and her success. Our little multichampion Lubka is still only 10 months old and more a kittie as an adult female. Nevertheless she has huge success on the show scene.
Sunday early morning was finally the time for our second may surprise. Joko gave birth to her little copy.... black tortie girl, an only child. This is first kittie after our young new boy Uki. And here, the very first photo of little Ema.....
It is time to present our fist May surprise - brand new, lovely, sweet sunny boy PL*ATINIUM Garfield joined our breeding! Once again we could not resist the sweet nature and honey coat of red cats and already third red boy is making his foster family happy. Welcome home Garry!
Today there is big party at Rexclusives in honour of our IC India de Zoe Rex. Our spanish seňora celebrates ten years today! It is unbelievable, that this tiny little cat, who´s running through the house wild and fiercely as a kittie already is an oldie. But my lady is still beautiful, even at this age. Lovely India is our foundation queen and mother of first litter born under Rexclusive*SK .
Thank you so much, my little peanut princess, happy birthday to you!

We were very pleased with show success of kitties from our breeding last weekend. Yess Rexclusive competed at International cat show in Bratislava. Yess won his last CAP certificate and became herewith PREMIOR. Also he was nominated for Best in Show and he featured also short reportage about this cat show....shortly...new movie star was born :-))
Huge congratulations Yess and his family on your very first attained title :)

Daughters of Blumi, Eliska and Lubka, made us even happier on the same day! Both Eliska- Aurora Rexclusive and Lubka -Columbia Rexclusive won Champion title on saturday at TICA cat show in Dublin! Columbia starred even more on sunday and we may proudly present our baby as TICA Double Grand Champion.

But who thinks it must be easy to became champion in the cat world will be strightway dissillusioned - we do have proofs of drill and hard preparation for the cat show :-))

We spent first weekend in February on the cat show in Viničné. After annual standstill we showed now our cats in plentiful number.

On saturday competed Nina and Deli accompanied by our offspring, Yess Rexclusive and his human family. Yess became his second CAP and very nice judgement. Both our girls were given CAC. Yessko did not come on sunday, but we took our guestboy in co-ownership on his very first show, our red and white darling Uki.
Uki Sheramar has got EX 1 in kitten class and lost Nomination for BIS literally "within a hair" (or lack of hair, in his case). Deli became many compliments, really lovely judgement full of positives and her last needed CAC certificate. Nina was starring at most on sunday, she became CAC, Nomination and lost in BIS by lot, because the judges could not decide. We take pride in Nina´s success despite it and above all, we brought home two brand new Champions from Viničné!
All three our black and white boys left us during january. They went for new adventures and to meet new friend from both human and feline world....

Duplo was the first one who left us, he was meant to be a friend for our Tornádo Lou Rexclusive. Lola decided to ignore this little alien strictly, so Duplo found new friends in gentle giants - maine coons :) Our great thank belongs to whole Magaskawee maine coon cattery, www.magaskawee.net , for offering forever and loving home already second from our kitties.

Domino, our little savage, traveled just around the corner, to Bratislava. There he goes on with his mischieves together with two big british brothers. We are at most grateful to his new family for patience, necessary with this naughty boy.

Dobby waited at longest for his new home. We decided after serious consideration to find quiet and calm home for Nina´s last son. Of course Dobby won´t live without four legged friend too, he would grow up together with noble bengal kitten named You Thrill Me von Satara´s :) We hope, that Dobby and Thriller become perfect pair and that they will live wonderful life together!
We do have many news at once again. First of all, our traveller Columbia is finally at home! She used almost all possible transport possibilities: car, train, plane and ship on her way home. But after all, she and her new dad reached Ireland. She will live there with her half sister Eliska /Aurora Rexclusive/.

We´ve got new photos also from babies, who left us earlier this year...our Cocaine relax like this
with his older brother Xplosive in his new family.

Forever together stayed also brothers Capone and Corleone Rexclusive, now called Sid and George.

Last couple, which remained together also in new home is our blue-eyed duo Bueno and Bolero Rexclusive, re-named to Aki and Ilo.

Lovely Berry /Blueberry Rexclusive/ lives happy life in trinity with two big black bodyguards, half maine coon, half siberian tomcats.

And the last greetings came from our rehomed darlings. This trio became second chance with new families. Uno and Telli /Uno and Tequila Sunrise Rexclusive/ are fine, together with their new mum. And our Enzo /Tattoo Rexclusive/ lives happily with his younger half-brother Yess Rexclusive.
Our kitties will be 3 weeks old soon and they started to look around and move. We added some new photos again.
We introduce our Show stars......Aurora Rexclusive, last kittie of our India, won BIS stright on her first show in irish Cork! Besides title Best Exhibit Forein /BIS/ and Best of Breed from her debut in Cork, she can also be proud on her second Best of Breed title from the show in Dublin. Aurora is herewith qualified for the Supreme Cat Show in Ireland and we will keep our fingers crossed for her next show career :) Aurora is shown abroad under irish cat organisation GCCFI. And our Lola, Tornádo Lou Rexclusive, daughter of Joko, competed last weekend already for second time on the FIFe World Cat Show, this time in Croatia. Lola did not disappoint us once again, and she brought from croatian Zagreb CAPIB home. It´s her first step to acchieving the title Inter Premior.
Huge Congratulations to new owners of both our kitties, we are very happy about their success!!
Life goes on, despite our sorrow and worries, we do have positive news too. Our Nina delivered her very first litter on sunday 14.10.1! The only one bicolor, first kittie of our Joko, was born in our cattery in 2008. Now, four years later, we do have black and white bicolors again, and even three. Mom Ninka is very proud of her offspring, just as we are!
27.09. 2012
We are here again after longer pause. So many things happened meanwhile...
Our mascot, pretty black pearl Berry, grew up into real beauty and she left us for her new home in Berlin. So it happened that all our B kitties supported german devon rex crew. Our C kitties will leave us soon too. They are almost ready for new adventures and will move into new homes in a few weeks. We found nice and responsible families for all of them. Sunny red and white boy joined our breeding. Hopefully, he will give us some extraordinary kitties next year, he is typical "red character", loving, happy and never bored monkey purring all the time. Blumi is enjoying his temporal retirement, he takes off time from breeding for the next 1 or 2 years and enjoys his stud-vacation :) Another breaking news is, that our hope and joy, Nina, expects her first litter soon.
We also made new plans for Deli and Yoko for the near future. The girls will date our red boy Chilli. All our news are posted together with plenty of photos under KITTENS, MALES, RETIREES and LITTERS.

Above all positives there is hanging an immense loss as a huge dark cloud that puts everything else into the shade :( Our beloved Shaman /Champion Shaman Antariys/ was fighting very nasty illness since the springtime. At 29.8. he gave up and left us alone :( Shaman was only 5 and a half year old at the time he went over the rainbow bridge. He was the best, noblest and most warm hearted creature I have ever known and met. He left huge hole in our lifes. Shami will stay the face of our breeding forever. We were fortunate and honoured to meet and know such mighty personality from the animalworld. We will be always grateful for every moment we might spend with him.....

...and we will never forget....
17.08. 2012
Blueberry, our black beauty, truly typy devon rex, couldn´t due to circumstances move to her family and she is still looking for the right humans. Berry is wonderful inside and outside, she is real devon monkey, funny and intelligent and so pretty...we could just be jealous of her new family :) Berry is completely vaccinated and microchiped and she is waiting for her new home.
05.08. 2012
Yess Rexclusive and his new mum attened International cat show in Bratislava yesterday. Yess competeted for the fist time as adult neuter and he gained his first CAP certificate, very nice judgement and Nomination for BIS. I am very proud and my big congratulations goes to this beautiful pair, Yess and his owner Dominika!
05.08. 2012
Our C babies celebrate their first month with us in only two days, it is time to add new photos. All are developing fine and they are growing so nicely! The are now trying to use their paws and make test-runs around mum Zoi.

10.07. 2012
New devon rex litter was born on tuesday, wonderful kitties out of Zoi and Blumi! Zoi is perfect mother to her newborns and the babies are paying it back with satisfaction. The three boys grown within few days into real teddy bears. Just the girl is watching her weight, like a topmodel, but she is developing nicely as well. She´s just a little bit smaller as her brothers are. More information about kitties follow soon.
30.06. 2012
Our point boys, Bueno and Bolero, left us this saturday. They are called now Ilo and Aki and went to new, beautiful home in Germany together. My golden boys were not delayed by farewell, they discovered the new transport box and were ready to go in a second :) They managed moving and stettling down easily together and we are happy about the news and photos from their new family!

Little Blueberry is up to now still with us and she cheers us up with her jokes. She´s a kittie-comedian and she causes in high degree, that we grince and smile all the time :) Here are some of her various and sometimes really incredible sleeping poses :)

16.06. 2012
Our single child Aurora started her long journey home last weekend. Aurora would live in far Ireland and her way home took whole two days. But our princess handled the trip and accustoming with ease and we can
show off new photos of her and her new sister, dalmatian Abby.

13.05. 2012
Our kitties celebrated their birthday once again this weekend - Aurora was already ten weeks old on saturday and our B trio nine weeks on sunday. We added plenty of new photos into gallery. Here are our cat models Aurora and Blueberry.

Our boys Bolero and Bueno are also keen on posing.
13.04. 2012
This Saturday celebrates our Aurora Rexclusive her 6 week Birthday! She is growing up into fearless tigerine feline :)
13.04. 2012
All 3 B kitties celebrate their 5 weeks only one day after Aurora. They are growing so unbelievably, so we added also new, actual pictures of Bueno, Bolero and Blueberry.
13.03. 2012
Zoi became her kitties too. After long and difficult delivery came one black girl and two colorpoint boys to the light.
03.03. 2012
We have new kittie, an only child from India! We may proudly introduce you our little treasure, her name is Aurora Rexclusive and she is a colorpoint girl, exactly like her bigger sister Zunka. Zunka sent us new pictures again!
We have the honour to announce, that our offspring, Tornádo Lou Rexclusive, successfully finished PREMIOR title this month! Hearty congratulations to both Lola and her joung owner and exhibitor Marie! We are very proud of Lola and Marie´s success, our kittie is presenting our breeding so flourishing abroad - Lola has got her first CAP on the World Cat Show in France, she obtained her second CAP certificate and her first Best in Show in Slovenian Celje. Now presented Marie our Tornádo Lou Rexclusive in Ljubljana, where she won EX1, CAP, NOM, BIS neuter, BOB 3 and at Special Show for Rex cats: Best neutered female too :-))))
Rexclusive cattery begins New Year saying farewell to the old year. We added personal galleries and pedigrees to pages of our two new breeding queens, Deli and Ninka. We also finally finished galleries of kitties which toddled and ran around the house over the last year, it have been kitties from litters W,X,Y and Z. On this occasion we remind sadly of our two little angels, who left us so early and so unexpected last year. This notice is devoted to quiet memory of Whiskey and Yogi, two precious hearts.

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