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The fortune is sometimes very unfair ...Nody settled down very well in his new home and he charmed his people completely,....but he could not stay there. Nody had to say good bye and wait for his second chance because of strong allergy of his owner.
Night & Day Rexclusive, our tuxedo darling with great monkey-like character is looking for the right family again.

On last september Sunday the last ones of this year´s kittens left Rexclusive. We sent off little Nina and our Elvis. It was difficult leave-taking for all of us. Last breeze of Nina´s image left our home.....and it was quite hard to accept the leave for Elvis too. He yet spent the first 7 months of his life with us. We are pleased all the more, that we found such special home for these two special kitties, and very devoted and loving human mum.

New family came to pick up our Nody too. Nody didn´t bother about travelling much.
And according to first reports he feels himself at home from the very first moment.

Right now the big day for our two lilac princesses has come...
Alice and Maya set out for long journey in new home with great dislike, and they cried by fair means all the way... Fortunately, the move in new home happens only once in a lifetime. Our girls survived the journey and they are sending many greetings and first photos already. Maya and Alice live since today together in neighbourland Austria.

Ain´t no sunshine when she´s gone......
Our sunshine went down with yesterday´s sunset and did not rise again today. This morning, our Ninočka did not wake up to brighten everything around her just like she does day by day last five years before. Ninka suffered several serious injuries by an accident last week. Despite daily vet care and the best nursing at home her candle burned out long before it should. Ninka fell asleep forever, although we believed she´s getting well again.
No words can explain the heart-break and emptiness we feel.......

There has been a cat show in Stockholm, Sweden, past weekend and today we became wonderful news from Finnland....our beloved big boy Esko finished his IP -International Premior Title, on the show this weekend. Esko is the firstborn son of Zoi and we take pride in his show and breeding success :) Esko lives with his human mum Helena in Finnland and he was part of Bravefellow breeding for a while...
thank you Pia and Helena for such amazing news.

Today we celebrate great news - there were new kitties born in Finnish breeding Bravefellow, first litter of our colorful beauty Inka - Imagine Rexclusive. Proud daddy is Illias av Jamas and their offspring is truly exceptional....5 rainbow-tinted babies, every one completely different than the others. There are 4 boys in black, red, colorpoint, and harlequin and one tortie tabby princess to boot. Congratulations our next of kin on such amazing and diversified first litter!

Alice and Maya are already 6 weeks old and it´s impossible not to boast about their developement. Elvis was a little bit lost without his big sister, so he decided to adopt brand new family with bag and baggage only for himself :)

Crucial, as almost every time, is also the date of birth of second Charlie´s litter. Exactly one month after arrival of M kitties are the twins from Nina here, our N litter. One boy and one girl in black and white complete the tuxedo family..like from an old movie - both parents and kitties only in black & white ...another longtime dream turned into reality....

First month in life of our M kitties, Maya and Alice, is over. Both are simply perfect, two little sweet muffins...these twins are not only beautiful, the girls possess also a good mood recipe, both are constantly happy and satisfied.

Nice and fatal date marks the departure day of Cofi. It´s not surprising at all, already the day of her birth was magical. We and above all, Elvis, will miss Cofi terribly...but her job is to brighten the everyday´s life in her new family and bring joy and happiness to her new home.
Because that´s how it works with KOFOLA...if you love her, there´s nothing more to say......... :)

The very first offspring of Charlie and Baby was born today. Both brand new parents surprised us a great deal. Not only with early date of birth, but also with unexpected and exceptional coloration of kitties.
Mommy Blue nurses devoutly two daughters in rare, lilac colour.

This is how our nursery looked alike one year ago, and then some weeks later...
Kittens H and I

and this is how we relax now, new composition
K and L litter with family

Only one day after the birth of H litter, the multikoloured litter of Nina and Uki was born. So the birthday parties in new homes of our kitties may go on.... Intisko / Inferno Rexclusive/, Inka /Imagine Rexclusive/ and our Soci /Indian Summer Rexclusive/ celebrate today their first Birthday too. We wish every one of them all the best, loads of love and many happy years...

Imagine Rexclusive

Indian Summer Rexclusive

Exactly a year ago our dreamy blue girl Deli delivered with huge complications her first baby.....tiger boy Hardy who later turned out to be tiger, torbie girl Hardy... and later this evening, her brother in tuxedo, black and white Laurel, was born.

Happy Birthday my sweet darlings Laurel & Hardy / Houdini & Hard to get Rexclusive/!

14 weeks are gone since the birth of our Valentine girl Kofola, and in only 4 days the younger Elvis reaches the same age as well. Our two babies grew up into real young panthers and they will soon be ready for the most important part of their lifes.

Potter & Neville, alias Jackpot and Jolly Joker Rexclusive live already 4 months in their new home. The boys settled in perfectly, and because they moved out together everything went more than smoothly. They demonstrate in new family everything young devon is capable of and they also grow into beautiful young devon cats...

Our kitties ride the air, they are not little mice any more, but true mini-cats. This week both of them reach the age of two months and soon it is time for first vaccination. Kofola is amazing black smoke top model already and Elvis is such a funny fellow coloured tone in tone, blue pointed with amazing blue eyes.

Blue, our swedish princess finished the two day-show-marathon. She gained the last needed CAC and satisfied all conditions for Champion title allocation. Amor Regis Lillian Blue is since today a new champion in Rexclusive breeding.


We met many owners of our previous kitties on the International cat show in Bratislava, with special devon rex show on saturday. It was a nice day among many dear friends and with quite wide and multicoloured representation of our devons. From our home it was little Blue who set out into the world of glory. She met her best mate Uki on the show. Uki could say hallo to his adult daughters Ema and Fany, that came from Austria to enter the show.

Our little Baby gained CAC and nomination for BIS. She entered the special rex show as well and she managed the whole show-mess as usually, relaxed and purring all the time.

Uki confirmed for the second time, that the show is not a thing that suits him. He does not like and approve it and he shows his opinion very clearly..... so this was definitely his last public display :)....
Uki gained in spite of his protests very nice judgement and also CAC.

The star of our breeding, Fairy tale Rexclusive, got inspired by her daddy, and followed his example like brave daughter. She showed the judge, that behind the angelic appearence, there is a wild cat hidden, which can scartch, bite and growl. But despite it, she managed to attain some admiring looks and appreciating words.

Ebony on fire Rexclusive, the first born daughter of Uki, saved the reputation of devon rex as friendly and loving companion. Ema was just gorgeous, she showed herself amazingly and watched her human mum all the time, she kept an eye on her every second, determined not to loose her. Emi showed once again, how amazing she is. We are very fond of all our external cats and thank all new owners for this lovely meeting.


The second birthday party is about to begin right now. Light in darkness Rexclusive,our Elvis, is exactly 4 weeks old today and the day belongs to him alone.

Cofi celebrates one month of age today :) She starts her birthday party with stepbrother and stepmom. Once a handful kitten is such a pretty little lady now :)

It would be much too good to have three so amazing Valentinegifts, but it should not be. Today is a black day, devoted to souls of two black brothers, Krimi and Kamko. Our only true Valentine, Kofola, has two guardian angels of her own since today.

Today an only child was born, the very last kittie from Deli. snow-white wonder was named Light in darkness Rexclusive and we believe, that he realy will brighten up our days.

On this special day we have got a special gift from Yoki, and there is no doubt it was made with love. On Valentines day three little Valentines were born - Kamikaze, Krimi und Kofola Rexclusive.

On breakthrough between January and February two youngstars from Rexclusive showed themselfs public. Imagine Rexclusive took part on her second show on saturday, 24.1., still in the kitten class. This time her new family showed her in distant Finnland, in Lathi. Inka became very nice judgement, many compliments and EX 1.
Our little Baby took part on her first show in Slovakia two weeks afterwards, on sunday, 8.2. Baby made her show debut at home, in Sweden, and this was her first show by us. Amor Regis Lillian Blue was just as open, relaxed and lovable as she is at home. Baby achieved EX 1 too, and her first CAC in open class. We took pride of both our sweet teenage girls, they managed the shows without stress and with noblesse.

Our youngest ones...only short time ago they tried to make first steps, of course under the supervision of mummy Nina. Today it is exactly two weeks since their move. And now they run like sixty, together, in their new home :) The time was merciless exactly by the two boys of Nina. Potter and Neville left emptiness in our home.

We are leaving this year behind with sadness. There were many wonderful moments, and we might watch some charming and extraordinary kitties grow. But we will never forget the second litter of Deli, four angels, who were not meant to grow up
and stayed babies forever.....in our memories...

This year has been the last one also for gorgeous mother of our Nina /Henrietta vom Zaubermeer/.
Sleep well, Esmeralda vom Zaubermeer, we thank you for our greatest treasure.
/IC Esmeralda vom Zaubermeer & IC Henrietta vom Zaubermeer/

Shortly before Christmas left us one unique and gorgeous boy forever. Nemo Rex Loki Miao, stud boy by Scarface and Sinuhet breeding for many years. Nemo was granddad of our Zoi and daddy of three litters bred by Rexclusive, litters T,U and V. Thank you Nemo, you were a legendary tomcat, thank you for all lovely kitties you gave us.
/IC Nemo Rex Loki Miao & Jessie Scarface/


We have got storylike Christmas greetings from many human parents of Rexclusive offspring. Huge thanks to all of you!
On behalf of all of them we share the christmas greetings from our tortie trefoil - Ema, Fany and Soci.

Our external girls Indian Summer and Fairy tale Rexclusive did wery well also like X-mas decorations :)


Today was a big day for our Inti - after more than 6 months we spent with treatment of his injured tail... now he´s got a green light from the vet finally. He moves out as very long awaited early christmas present for his human mum. We will miss Inti terribly, and so will do Blue and his younger brothers for sure too.
Have a great life Inferno Rexclusive, you above all deserve the best!

Little mischief makers Potter und Neville alias Jackpot and Jolly Joker Rexclusive managed their first month very well. Both kitties enjoy the life on this world a lot and they are developing wonderfully. We add plenty new photos into section kittens.


Two boys from Nina and Blumi do credit to the reputation of giants. They celebrated two weeks of age this sunday and they are big like guinea pigs. Both are jointly breaking all our weight records :)
"Big brother"Inti is looking after his two new siblings Joker and Jackpot.

This morning great suprise awaited us...a little before the time, Nina´s babies were born. The early birth did not harm them in the least...two little giants have had birth weights more than 120 gramm. The first and biggest one from the kitties did not survive the hard birth :( Little angel became from us at least pretty name, he should be called John Doe.

We start oktober and autumn with résumé...all kitties besides Inti, who has a problem with his tail, moved out during september. Like the first one left us our eary tiny Sunny. In new home awaited her impatiently her sisters Fany and Ema...Sunny became lovely new name, Soci, and she found new stepmom in her elder sister Fairy tale.

Early in september moved also the magician Houdini alias our Laurel. Laurel became in his new, great family also two brothers, naked don sphynx and black housecat. And he´s got new name as well, Khensu.
The three boys grew together soon and they built great team.

At the end of the month it came the time for Inka too...Imagine Rexclusive flew up to Finland and when she grows up, she will became part of Bravefellow breeding for a while. Inka live in very nice family together with her stepsister Bravefellow Ellen.

This time was most difficult to say good bye to my heart girl, Hardy. Hard to get is kitten, by which our breeding wishes concerning look and character united and became true. It is the most beautiful victory a breeder can wish for, the fullfilment of all dreams :) Hardy went back to her roots, to Germany, where her mummy comes from. Hardy lives now in old home of Deli and became new Ginzarex lady. The exceptional kittie gained an exceptional home and put a seal upon allied lines
and destinies of Rexclusive and Ginzarex.

All our emigrants are supplied by the devil Inferno. Inti carries on with his new mate Blue full steam ahead, so we can´t come to the idea that we miss his siblings :)
The time is up to introduce our so long expected blue princess. Kittie, to whose mom I have very special relation and also a little lady, who unites all we missed in our breeding. Our swedish princess Amor Regis Lillian Blue. Blue is finally at home with us, and even if she meanwhile grew into 7 months old teenager, there was impossible not to share her sweet babyphotos with you.

And such delightful kitties have been at the age of just few weeks
her dreamy mommy IC Fiddlestix Sushi Swirl, JW and her daddy SC Amor Regis Gandalf, JW

This day is devoted in quiet memory to four little hearts. Babies of Deli, who only flashed up in our world like sparkling firework. They came unexpectedly, charmed us with their beauty, strength and power to live...and then, just like the firework, surprisingly left uns one by one in the darkness .....
Today our little angels should have been one week old, and should start to look at the world with their own eyes.
But they will shine forever just in our memories...

We took part on the international cat show in Viničné today. Our breeding had numerous representation through kitties Inka and Sunny (Imagine and Indian Summer Rexclusive),
our external girl Fany (Fairy tale Rexclusive) and newcomer Charlie (Zet Charlie Kajigo).
It was great show despite the fact none of our devons gained Nomination and entered BIS. They all became very nice judgements and presented themselfs nicely. And Fany obtained her fist CAC title. It was beautiful day and little family meeting with new owners of our velvet darlings.





One month ago we made a trip to neigbouring Czech Republic, and we brough amazing surprise back with us....new guestboy in colours of chessboard :) Charlie, mit full name Zet Charlie Kajigo, was has been irresistable kittie since his first days and we hope he will grow into equally charming gentleman for our young ladies.

Charlies parents are beautiful devons with great pedigrees and we connect their rare lines and ours with pride....on the photos are granny, mum and dad of our tuxedo boy. Charlie lives as only darling by my friend in guest family.

Today is our blue diamond,CH Ginza Onyu´s Matilda, five years old. Deli has been great love of mine since her birth, and she will stay my big love forever. With Deli is associated one touching story, and one strong friendship becoming family bond now. Deli became mother for the first time in her fifth year of life. And now are her babies ready to go - to make place for younger siblings :) We expect the second litter of our blue diva soon.
The time passes so quickly now...today and tomorrow are three months over. In this three months we admired and adored the beauty, cuteness and progress of our five little devils day by day. The little ones are not so little any more and in a few weeks there will come the time for the new beginning. Besides ink black boy Inti, all kitties are soon ready to join their new families.
Our Yess Rexclusive visited together with his human mum an international cat show abroad, in neighbourland Bohemia, today. Yess made us proud and he gained very nice judgement, Nomination for BIS and the last CAPIB he needed to become an International Premior. Yess is herewith another kitten from our Joko wih IP title!
Congratulations Yess and his owner Domka on this wonderful achievement!
Our babies from litter H and I are today and tomorrow already eight weeks old....Thanks the gang of five little devils are we constantly in charge, but on the other way, it is such a pleasure to watch them grow into fantastic little cats! The complete gang posed perfectly for the title photography.
From the left there is Sunny, Hardy, Inti, Inka and Laurel.

Our beautiful alien Sunny - Indian Summer Rexclusive - is still waiting for her new family.
Our Ema took part on the WCF show in Austria today...and ispired by nobody else but great Caesar, she came, she saw..and she won! Veni, vidi, vici of our Ebony on fire looks like this....another great cup into her big collection and besides second CAC she won also Nomination, BIS shorthair cat and Best of Best II..
Today and tomorrow celebrate our five kitties four weeks anniversary. And like every one month old kitties, they try to walk, run and play, they discover the world :) We supplied the galleries of Laurel and Hardy, Inti, Inka and Sunny with new, actual photos..

Only the wrinkled beauty Sunny is still looking for her new family.
One week passed already since the babyboom hit Rexclusive :)
Ninka and Deli decided they will deliver their babies almost parallel.

On Tuesday, 27.5., first Babies of our Deli (Ginza Onyu´s Matilda) were born. Beautiful colorpoint kittie Heaven sent stayed only short moment with us. Heaven sent us little Heaven, but took her back at once :( We are glad at sweet duo, called Laurel and Hardy at home. Laurel is tuxedo boy, and Hardy...well, surprisingly, instead of tabby boy we do have our first torbie (tortie tabby) girl!

Ninka delivered her little ones one day later, on Wednesday. First came Inti, wonderful ink black little boy. And afterwards came two vivid coloured girls, calico Inka and tortie Sunny.

Proud dad Uki endowed us with fantastic bunch of multicoloured Maykitties :)
Yesterday, on 12th of March scored our girls Fany and Ema again! They took part on the WCF cat show in Hungary. Ebony on fire repeated her triumph and she won a cup for the third time, as BIS opposite sex in open class. Her half sister Fany did not want to stay aside and she made Best in Show too. We are incredibly happy, huge congratulations!
Shows can be very exhausting as you can see :)
All Fools Day was not foolish this year, but difficult day filled by travelling through 3 states. The exhausting trip ended with an happyend at least, and with homecoming of lost daughter. Our Rakija Rexclusive is back home and she is getting used to her new life with new friend, Garfield (Garry lost his heart in a second and he has eyes only for her since that moment :-))

March finished exactly the same way it began....with fantastic success! We met our former kitties and their new owners on saturday 29th of March on the cat show in Bratislava.Ema (Ebony on fire) and Fany (Fairy tale Rexclusive) are growing into pretty young ladies and they acted like professional models on the show :)
Great results garnered Fany for herself and she took home the cup as BIS kitten.
Emka has got her first CAC in the open class and she has had her first date too.....with red boy Garfield.

Our breeding support, PL*ATINIUM Garfield took part on the show both days. He has got EX 1 and CAC on both days. So is Garfield only one step and one showday away from the Champion title.
Our lost daughter is coming back home :) In less then two weeks we can wilcome one of our first kitties again....Rakija Rexclusive, daughter of our foundation queen Indy. This blue eyed beauty is now neutered, retired from breeding and already 5 years old. We are not looking for new home for Rakija, our former kittie stays with us and will enlarge the number of our retirees.

March began truly fantastic for us! At 1st March entered Duplo Rexclusive his very first show and his show debut ended with stunning success :) Duplo won Best in Show and he gained also Best of Best III.! Duplo and his owner Mark were both very proud as you can see. The cup as Best in Show winner took also Lola (Tornádo Lou Rexclusive) home, Lola´s exhibitor was Mark´s elder sister Marie. Even if Lola ws beaten by her stepbrother by BOB, it does not matter. She vindicated her qualities and won BIS for the fourth time already. Our congratulation goes to Mark and Marie as well as Duplo and Lola!
I think it´s needless to say why we are such great fans of this particular show team..just have a look!

Here ist the last photo showing the three-generation family....from the right there is Nina (CH Henrietta vom Zaubermeer), her son Fidel Rexclusive and her granddaughter Graffiti Rexclusive.
Fidu, the copy of mum Nina in black and white, hit the road a day earlier. Because of unexpected complications and bad weather his way home was the longest our kittie have ever made. Fidu is thank God already at home, behind the ocean. Fidel Rexclusive will bring new blood and lines into american catteries Nightmagic and Eternal dream. Our brave voyager lives in New York.
Our Gabka left us for new home on last january weekend. Graffiti Rexclusive goes on with her mischiefs and funny plays in new home and makes her new mum very happy. We hope to see her on a cat show one day...
We welcome New Year with many news concerning our breeding. We do have new breeding plans...last litter of our first devon girl, Yoko, will be born this year. It should be by the same mail the first litter of our redhead Garfield.
We will expect the kitties from this couple with excitement :)

Zoi, officially Jessie Scarface, enjoys from now on the lazy life of sofa tiger. She is our new neuter. We thanks to Zoi for giving us the most beautiful kitties of all. Now she became her own site among our retirees where you can see her photos and read her story.
Another great news is, that we dare to step out onto unknown path....after having so great experiences with our guest boys living outside the cattery, we now represent our first external girl. Fairy Tale Rexclusive - our young hopeful and our new breeding queen :)) Fany comes of our own breeding and she is the result of long-term breeding work. We put all our hopes and expectations into Fany, but first of all, we take pride in beautiful daughter of Nina who treads in her mothers steps and stays "so to say" at home.

Of course, we added new photos of our home devils Fido and Gabi too... Both kitties are very lively and brisk, they are rushing through the house like an natural catastrophe :) We were able to stop them for a second and take some pictures showing how lovely they develope. Graffiti is already two months old and Fidel as much, four. Together they built up a bicolor team as quick as lightning.

Last, but maybe the most beautiful notice....new photos from new home. This is how our Fany settled down in her new family. Ema, her elder sister takes care of her almost materly. Fairy tale and Ebony on fire Rexclusive together at home..

Happy New Year 2014 for all our friends :) Best wishes from Nina and her little daughter Fairy tale on behalf of whole Rexclusive family!

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