30. 12. 2009
In the night gave India birth to an only child, a boy in colour black tabby.

26. 12. 2009
Five wonderful kitties were born, three boys and two girls.
Unfortunately, our lovely black boy Tango left us alone after a week :(

Litter T consists now of two red boys and two black girls.

01. 11. 2009
Soon we will welcome a new baby-boy in our home.
Blumi, our newcomer, comes from Poland, but his pedigree is really international, he has ancestors from reputable breedings from Poland, Germany and Italy.
Blumi is now a charming kittie and we hope he will grow into a handsome and successful tomcat.

04. 10. 2009
We have got kitty pictures from new families of our babies. All three are growing well. 




my favourite shot.... :)

25. 08. 2009
Rumba is free again, she is waiting for her very special human family! 

24. 08. 2009
The cat show in Mödling was very successful for us.
Joko obtained the last CACIB she needed for her INTERCHAMPION title.
She took part in the selection for nomination again as well as last week in Ostrava.
Our babygirl Rumba received astonishing report from the judge Stephe Bruin, who liked her a lot.
She has got nomination for BIS and presented herslf very well there.

16. 08. 2009
After some time we made an show weekend again.
To the International cat show in Ostrava, CZ traveled Joko and India with us.
Joko has got her second CACIB and took part on the selecion for nomination as well.
India completed succesfuly her INTERCHAMPION title.
We are planning to spend the next weekend on the show again. Joko and our little Rumba will prove themselves on the cat show in austrian Mödling.

27. 07. 2009
We made new photos again. The kitties are completely vaccinated by now and we shell say good bye to them soon :(
Rumba is free again, she is waiting for her very special human family! 

20. 06. 2009
We added new pictures of our kitties.
The babies are seven weeks old by now and they got through first vaccination already.

02. 05. 2009
colourpoint kittens from Zoi and India

26. 04. 2009
On Sunday delivered Zoi one kitten, a boy.

The little one is doing well and he tries to catch up with his elder "siblings".

22. 04. 2009
Indy delivered muticoloured litter today. Three kitties in various colours.
We have black tabby boy and two girls in colours black and colourpoint.

        Zoi is slowly preparing for her delivery too.

27. 03. 2009
We became two litter boxes for our expectant mothers and delighted are all our cats, inclusive tom. So the boxes are constantly occupied, who comes as first, the one lives in :-)


23. 03. 2009
We are expecting kitties from India and Zoi. Father of both litters will be the czech Casanova Mataro Scarface, a tom in wonderful colour silver chocolate lynx point. He carries italian, german and polish lines in his pedigree. More informations under section kittens.

23. 01. 2009
Rexclusive web has got new look and many new pictures in the gallery and by our litters.
We hope you would like it.
Many thanks to Pavlína Matušínská, Royal Dream Cattery for our new web design. 

02. 12. 2008
We successfully took part on the cat show in Nitra. Shaman became both days CAC and achieved so the Champion title. India received her first and second CACIB and she was nominated for BIS on saturday. Both cats obtained wonderfull judgements.

We plan to attend an International Cat Show in Nitra on 29. and 30.11.
Shaman and India will take part.

We are introducing our newcomer,black "devil rex" called Zoi.

Our little boy left us today. Palermo was bottle - fed, because Joko has had no milk. We lost him after a month despite our and his greatest effort.

In the night gave Joko birth to one wonderfull harlequin boy!

Original in his new home

MVM Bratislava
Shaman became his first CAC and Joko her first CACIB.
Shamans color was changed to d 03 32.