Our boys put on winter clothes for beginning of New Year. We decided to share some pictures of our gentlemen because we found them great :) We added also many new pictures of Shaman and Blumi into their galleries.

St. Nicholas incognito. Todays surprise from Germany, pictured Lola, alias Tornádo Lou Rexclusive, disguised as Santa Claus.

Tattoo Rexclusive, kittie of Joko from last year, took part in his first show, International cat show in Nitra, on 27.11. Our youngster did very well and became EX 1 and CAC and also Nomination. We are very proud of our offspring and congratulate new owners of Tattoo.
Today is Monte celebrating his half-year birthday, but already without us, with his new fourlegged friends and in his new family. The long waitig was worth it and now has Monty finnaly landed on the right place. Now he may happily run wild on his own birthday party :) We put new photos of Joko and Blumi´s kitties on the website.
We took part on the cat show in Vienna on 20.11. with Blumi. Blum was after shorter show-break a bit calmer again and he gained without problems his first CACIB and very nice judgement as well.
On Monday 15.11. Joko gave birth to her kitties. Daddy of five gorgerous minnies is Blumi and we are very pleased to have after long time our "own" kitties again. Next news and photos of the small ones are coming soon.
We are still looking for a new home for our black smoke boy Monte.
Tornádo Lou
Our Tornádo Lou Rexclusive, alias Lola, represented us on the World Cat Show in French St.Etienne. She brought home her first CAP certificate. We are very happy and proud of Lola and her success on the WS´2010. Our greatest thank and congratulations goes to her exhibitor and owner Marie and to the whole team form Magaskawee catery
Our darling Monte celebrated his 3 months on tuesday, 25.8. and we added some new photos to his gallery.
Our Esko alias Sushi Rexclusive achieved champion title! Esko is a brother of Monte from last year. He is active as a breeding stud in cattery Bravefellow in Finnland and this year, he became father of 6 wonderfull kitties from two litters. We are very fond of our boy, huge congratulations to his new owner and breeder Pia.
We spent this weekend /7. and 8.8./ on the cat show in Bratislava with Blumi. Blumi was quite relaxed and both days passed very pleasantly. We enjoyed the time spent with our friends and short visit by our kittie Rumba in her new lovely home. On sunday we went home with our new champion, as Blumi gained CAC title in both days. You can find next photos from the show here. We are very grateful to the photographer and our friend Janet Efrati www.jan-photo.com for this nice snapshots.

Devons are very talkative cats, this statement are confirming our T-kitties, who are talking with pleasure even to the camera :)

Trouble Tornádo Lou Tattoo
Our little Monte will be soon 8 weeks old, we added plenty of photos. We are looking also for new family for a stepbrother of Monty. Tomi is domestic kittie who needs very loving forever home.
On the day of his 10 month birthday took Blumi part on his very first cat show, MVM in Viničné, Slovakia. Despite the fact, that he did not really enjoyed the show atmosphere, he gained his first CAC and many nice compliments form the judges and from visitors. Herewith comes Blumi to be our new tomcat officially.

Two wonderful exotic boys are still waiting for new families in friendly cattery MAGIC PLEASURE! The kitties are ready to move. www.magicpleasure.szm.sk, Phone: +421 908 605 188

Zoi delivered two kitties, unfortunately, complications appeared and the two boys must grow up by a stepmother.

We can show off new photos of our kitties, made already in their new families. Our offspring is well on and is growing from day to day.
At home provides our Zoi for newcomers, so we are expecting new kitties soon :)

Our smallest one, Trouble Rexclusive, is messing about with his new mates of don sphynx, siam and oriental breed in his new home in Vienna.

Another red brother, Tattoo Rexclusive, stays as the only one from the fiver to live here in Slovakia, in Bratislava.

 Black prinzess Tornádo Lou Rexclusive is enjoying large cat-run and the company of new two and fourlegged friends in austrian Steiermark.

Uno and Tequila Sunrise Rexclusive are still living together and having fun in wonderful tirol Alps.

Rumba and Rakija Rexclusive are already grown up ladies and both celebrate soon their first birthday. Many thanks to new ownes for lovely photos and care.

Our little Esko grew up so quickly, he is already a big boy. He attended with sucess his first cat show and brught home besides very good judgement also great professional photos. Esko is being loved and pampered in the cattery Bravefellow in far Finland.

Uno is still looking for a new loving forever home.

After longer break are we finally back again, with some news, plans and many many fresh photos of our kitties and our new boy Blumi.

11.03.2010 We have new photos of kitties T and U.

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